Cyprus company registration Cyprus company registration Cyprus company registration Cyprus company registration Cyprus company formation Cyprus company formation Cyprus company formation Cyprus company formation Company formation in Cyprus Company formation in Cyprus Company formation in Cyprus Company formation in Cyprus Cyprus Company Cyprus Company Cyprus Company Cyprus Company Cyprus Company Cyprus Company Company registration in Cyprus Cyprus company formation Company formation in Cyprus Cyprus accountants Accountants in Cyprus Cyprus auditors Auditors in Cyprus Cyprus offshore company registration Offshore company registration in Cyprus Offshore jurisdictions company registration Cyprus international business company International business company in Cyprus Cyprus Tax Tax in Cyprus Cyprus double tax treaties Double tax treaties with Cyprus Cyprus corporate service providers Corporate service providers in Cyprus Cyprus companies Companies in Cyprus Cyprus lawyers Lawyers in Cyprus Cyprus legal consultants Legal consultants in Cyprus Cyprus advocates Advocates in Cyprus Law in Cyprus Cyprus Law Cyprus bookkeepers Bookkeepers in Cyprus Cyprus tax advantages Tax advantages in Cyprus Tax heavens Cyprus VAT VAT in Cyprus Cyprus management consultants Management consultants in Cyprus Cyprus business advisors Business advisors in Cyprus Real estate investment in Cyprus Cyprus real estate investment Cyprus Shipping companies Shipping companies in Cyprus Cyprus ship registration Ship registration in Cyprus Cyprus International Trusts Cyprus Trusts Trusts in Cyprus Banking services in Cyprus Cyprus banking services Cyprus international collective schemes Cyprus funds Funds in Cyprus Cyprus holding companies Holding companies in Cyprus Cyprus company structures Company structures in Cyprus Cyprus foundations Foundations in Cyprus Cyprus financing companies Financing companies in Cyprus Cyprus employment companies Employment companies in Cyprus Cyprus trading companies Trading companies in Cyprus Cyprus nominee services Nominee services in Cyprus Cyprus tax consultants Tax consultants in Cyprus Cyprus companies

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Cyprus companies = Firmen / Unternehmen Zyperns (Cyprus companies)
Cyprus Tax= Steuer Zyperns
Companies in Cyprus= Firmen / Unternehmen in Zypern
Cyprus lawyers= Rechtsanwälte Zyperns
Cyprus company formation= Gesellschaftsgründung Zyperns
Cyprus VAT= Mehrwertsteuer Zyperns  (MwSt = VAT)
Cyprus accountants= Buchhalter Zyperns 
Tax heavens= Steuerparadiese
Cyprus auditors= Buchprüfer Zyperns
Cyprus funds= (Fremd)Mittel / Gelder  Funds Zyperns
Cyprus foundations= Stiftungen Zyperns
VAT in Cyprus= Mehrwertsteuer in Zypern
Cyprus double tax treaties= Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen Zyperns
Cyprus Trusts= Trusts Zyperns
Cyprus Shipping companies= Reedereien Zyperns
Cyprus offshore company registration=  Offshore – Firmenanmeldung Zyperns
Accountants in Cyprus= Buchhalter in Zypern
Company formation in Cyprus= Gesellschaftsgründung in Zypern
Auditors in Cyprus = Buchprüfer / Rechnungsprüfer in Zypern
Cyprus real estate investment= Immobilienanlage Zyperns
Tax in Cyprus= Steuer in Zypern
Cyprus trading companies= Handelsgesellschaft Zyperns
Cyprus holding companies= Dachgesellschaften Zyperns
Shipping companies in Cyprus= Reedereien in Zypern
Cyprus company registration= Firmenanmeldung Zyperns
Cyprus international Trusts= Internationale Trusts Zyperns
Cyprus international business company= Internationales Unternehmen Zyperns
Cyprus business advisors= Unternehmensberater Zyperns
Cyprus financing companies= Finanzunternehmen Zyperns
Cyprus corporate service providers= Firmendienstleister Zyperns
Corporate service providers in Cyprus= Firmendienstleister in Zypern
Cyprus tax consultants= Steuerberater Zyperns
Funds in Cyprus= (Fremd)Mittel / Gelder in Zypern Funds in Zypern
Real estate investment in Cyprus= Immobilienanlage in Zypern
Cyprus banking services= Bankdienstleistungen Zyperns
Cyprus tax advantages= steuerliche Vorteile Zyperns
Double tax treaties with Cyprus=  Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen mit Zypern
Cyprus companies = Кипрские компании
Cyprus Tax= Налог Республики Кипр
Companies in Cyprus= Компании на Кипре
Cyprus lawyers= Кипрские юристы
Cyprus company formation= Создание компании на Кипре
Cyprus VAT= НДС на Кипре
Cyprus accountants= Кипрские бухгалтеры
Tax heavens= Налоговый рай
Cyprus auditors= Кипрские аудиторы
Cyprus funds= Кипрские фонды
Cyprus foundations= Кипрские учреждения
VAT in Cyprus= НДС на Кипре
Cyprus double tax treaties= Кипрские соглашения о двойном налогообложении
Cyprus Trusts= Кипрские трасты
Cyprus Shipping companies= Кипрские судоходные компании
Cyprus offshore company registration= регистрация оффшорной компании на Кипре
Accountants in Cyprus= Бухгалтеры на Кипре
Company formation in Cyprus= Создание компании на Кипре
Auditors in Cyprus = Аудиторы на Кипре
Cyprus real estate investment= Капиталовложение в недвижимость на Кипре
Tax in Cyprus= Налог на Кипре
Cyprus trading companies= Кипрские торговые компании
Cyprus holding companies= Кипрские холдинговые компании
Shipping companies in Cyprus= Судоходные компании на Кипре
Cyprus company registration= Регистрация кипрской компании
Cyprus international Trusts= Кипрские международные трасты
Cyprus international business company= Кипрские компании, занимающиеся международным бизнесом
Cyprus business advisors= Кипрские бизнес-консультанты
Cyprus financing companies= Кипрские финансовые компании
Cyprus corporate service providers= Кипрские поставщики корпоративных услуг
Corporate service providers in Cyprus= Поставщики корпоративных услуг на Кипре
Cyprus tax consultants= Консультанты по налогообложению на Кипре
Funds in Cyprus= Фонды на Кипре
Real estate investment in Cyprus= Капиталовложения в недвижимость на Кипре
Cyprus banking services= Банковские услуги на Кипре
Cyprus tax advantages= Налоговые выгоды на Кипре
Double tax treaties with Cyprus= Соглашения о двойном налогообложении с Кипром

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International Alliances


The best partner for International Banking & Business Development Operating from Israel & Singapore

-Mergers, Acquistions & Divestment
-Strategic partnerships / Joint Ventures
-General Strategic Financial Advisory
-Corporate Restructuring
-Mandatory General Takeovers and Schemes of Arrangement
-Takeover Defences
-Initial Public Offerings
-Structured Finance (Debt) Transactions
-Capital Raising for Private Companies
-Placement Exercises for Listed Companies
-Product commercialization, channels development and strategic alliances
-Business models, product/market positioning, market development, distribution strategies

Please contact us for inquiries and further information at,


AJSH & Co, is a Chartered Accountants firm based in New Delhi, India. AJSH provides a wide range of accounting and financial services to international clients. With vast knowledge and professional experience, serves its clients and specialises in the fields of accounting, auditing, local and international taxation, foreign investment along with a host of other financial services.

Core services include:

-Accounting and financial reporting
-Local and international taxation
-Incorporation of Indian and Foreign companies
- Audit and assurance
-Consultancy on corporate matters

Please contact us for inquiries and further information at


Dema Partners is one of the leading corporate service providers in Romania. Global Consultants work closely with Dema Partners to offer Romanian international businessmen and entities specialised services in the fields of Cyprus company formation, nominee services, opening of bank accounts, local and international taxation planning and expert advice, VAT registration and administration, accounting, auditing and financial management with absolute confidentiality and trust, and at the same time at the highest quality and at very reasonable prices. 

Please contact us for inquiries and further information at


Mannick & Associates is a leading firm of accountants and auditors based in Port Luis, Mauritius. The range of professional services offered include, among others, accounting and administration, audit and assurance, local and international taxation, business consulting and corporate and legal advice, formation of companies and nominee services.

Mauritious, being an excellent offshore tax jurisdiction, offers significant tax advantages in establishing  a Mauritious offshore company for international business. Global Consultants through their close cooperation with Mannick & Associates, can assist clients in maximising their rewards and minimising their tax exposure.

Mauritious has established a significant number of double tax treaties which if correctly utilised in an international tax efficient structure can minimise the tax burden of international entities. 

Please contact us for inquiries and further information at


Specialists in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Services Solutions

Nomis Limited specialise in helping companies improve their ability to compete in the marketplace by offering knowledge, expertise and advice in key areas of practice. Nomis’ experience has been to develop the NOMIS Framework which is used in defining and refining clients' sales, marketing, and customer services processes to promote, track, and manage their business activities. The Nomis Framework is implemented via websites, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, and SPM (sales performance management) systems offering clients a great advantage in competing at the highest level of corporate business activity.

The NOMIS Framework helps you align your activities to your clients' and prospects' activities to satisfy their requirements. Using the appropriate technology solution to implement it will help you reach your objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

Use the web to connect and converse with clients and prospects so that you are constantly at the forefront of your potential customers minds when they are in need of your services.

The company’s web expertise has also been employed to design and develop web sites for various organisations.

Nomis’s unique Sales Performance Management (SPM) system helps people to improve sales success with their sales process.

Clients make better decisions. They have greater control over sales performance and can harness real business intelligence on which to plan, monitor, and manage strategic sales activities, making the sales organisation not only efficient but also effective.

The direct benefits to the customer are:

Visibility of pipeline reduces business risk
Improve RoI in sales
More confidence in sales forecasts from robust, sustainable sales performance management
Improve RoI in sales training, by identifying which sales people training in which part of the sales process
Accelerate sales cycle
Flexibility to adapt to customers’ buying cycles and changing needs
Benchmark sales performance by sales person, product and region

Please contact us for inquiries and further information at

SP & C LTD – Moscow & Kiev

Residential and commercial real estate investment in Cyprus

SP&C Ltd, operating from Moscow and Kiev, is our preferred partner in promoting and marketing excellent opportunities in real estate investment in Cyprus.  If you are looking for a Cyprus property to invest on or live in then look no further than the dynamic innovative partnership of Global Consultants / SP&C Ltd.

We have established, very beneficial for clients, a network of leading property developers on the island, offering a wide range of beautifully designed properties in Cyprus. Combining excellent after sales service, property management and providing easy payment facilities for your house.

We act independently and with no prior commitments to developers, therefore ensuring that our clients get the best possible prices and the best possible quality.

Our services include, among others:

Preliminary identification of possible properties according to clients’ specifications and special needs.
Arrangement of viewing of all properties that the client wishes to see.
Hotel reservations, airport pick up / drop off
Acquaint client with the island, its people, its entertainment
Introduce clients to public authorities offices, such as electricity, water, telephone etc
Discuss with clients additional services such as property management, landscaping, gardening, swimming pool maintenance, cleaning services
Arrange legal documentation and contracts for the purchase of the property
Arrange bank finance if required by the client
Letting and rental services available if clients wish to rent their property. 

Please contact us for inquiries and further information at

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