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Cyprus companies = Firmen / Unternehmen Zyperns (Cyprus companies)
Cyprus Tax= Steuer Zyperns
Companies in Cyprus= Firmen / Unternehmen in Zypern
Cyprus lawyers= Rechtsanwälte Zyperns
Cyprus company formation= Gesellschaftsgründung Zyperns
Cyprus VAT= Mehrwertsteuer Zyperns  (MwSt = VAT)
Cyprus accountants= Buchhalter Zyperns 
Tax heavens= Steuerparadiese
Cyprus auditors= Buchprüfer Zyperns
Cyprus funds= (Fremd)Mittel / Gelder  Funds Zyperns
Cyprus foundations= Stiftungen Zyperns
VAT in Cyprus= Mehrwertsteuer in Zypern
Cyprus double tax treaties= Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen Zyperns
Cyprus Trusts= Trusts Zyperns
Cyprus Shipping companies= Reedereien Zyperns
Cyprus offshore company registration=  Offshore – Firmenanmeldung Zyperns
Accountants in Cyprus= Buchhalter in Zypern
Company formation in Cyprus= Gesellschaftsgründung in Zypern
Auditors in Cyprus = Buchprüfer / Rechnungsprüfer in Zypern
Cyprus real estate investment= Immobilienanlage Zyperns
Tax in Cyprus= Steuer in Zypern
Cyprus trading companies= Handelsgesellschaft Zyperns
Cyprus holding companies= Dachgesellschaften Zyperns
Shipping companies in Cyprus= Reedereien in Zypern
Cyprus company registration= Firmenanmeldung Zyperns
Cyprus international Trusts= Internationale Trusts Zyperns
Cyprus international business company= Internationales Unternehmen Zyperns
Cyprus business advisors= Unternehmensberater Zyperns
Cyprus financing companies= Finanzunternehmen Zyperns
Cyprus corporate service providers= Firmendienstleister Zyperns
Corporate service providers in Cyprus= Firmendienstleister in Zypern
Cyprus tax consultants= Steuerberater Zyperns
Funds in Cyprus= (Fremd)Mittel / Gelder in Zypern Funds in Zypern
Real estate investment in Cyprus= Immobilienanlage in Zypern
Cyprus banking services= Bankdienstleistungen Zyperns
Cyprus tax advantages= steuerliche Vorteile Zyperns
Double tax treaties with Cyprus=  Doppelbesteuerungsabkommen mit Zypern
Cyprus companies = Кипрские компании
Cyprus Tax= Налог Республики Кипр
Companies in Cyprus= Компании на Кипре
Cyprus lawyers= Кипрские юристы
Cyprus company formation= Создание компании на Кипре
Cyprus VAT= НДС на Кипре
Cyprus accountants= Кипрские бухгалтеры
Tax heavens= Налоговый рай
Cyprus auditors= Кипрские аудиторы
Cyprus funds= Кипрские фонды
Cyprus foundations= Кипрские учреждения
VAT in Cyprus= НДС на Кипре
Cyprus double tax treaties= Кипрские соглашения о двойном налогообложении
Cyprus Trusts= Кипрские трасты
Cyprus Shipping companies= Кипрские судоходные компании
Cyprus offshore company registration= регистрация оффшорной компании на Кипре
Accountants in Cyprus= Бухгалтеры на Кипре
Company formation in Cyprus= Создание компании на Кипре
Auditors in Cyprus = Аудиторы на Кипре
Cyprus real estate investment= Капиталовложение в недвижимость на Кипре
Tax in Cyprus= Налог на Кипре
Cyprus trading companies= Кипрские торговые компании
Cyprus holding companies= Кипрские холдинговые компании
Shipping companies in Cyprus= Судоходные компании на Кипре
Cyprus company registration= Регистрация кипрской компании
Cyprus international Trusts= Кипрские международные трасты
Cyprus international business company= Кипрские компании, занимающиеся международным бизнесом
Cyprus business advisors= Кипрские бизнес-консультанты
Cyprus financing companies= Кипрские финансовые компании
Cyprus corporate service providers= Кипрские поставщики корпоративных услуг
Corporate service providers in Cyprus= Поставщики корпоративных услуг на Кипре
Cyprus tax consultants= Консультанты по налогообложению на Кипре
Funds in Cyprus= Фонды на Кипре
Real estate investment in Cyprus= Капиталовложения в недвижимость на Кипре
Cyprus banking services= Банковские услуги на Кипре
Cyprus tax advantages= Налоговые выгоды на Кипре
Double tax treaties with Cyprus= Соглашения о двойном налогообложении с Кипром

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Do I have to come to Cyprus for registering an International Business Company?
2.How is confidentiality ensured?
3.If nominees are appointed, how am I safeguarded?
4.Can I get a company or personal credit card?
5.What is share capital?
6.What is tax resident?
7.How much will it cost me for core and specialized services?


1.Do I have to come to Cyprus for registering an International Business Company?

No, you do not have to be physically present in Cyprus either during the registration procedure or later when the company is operational. If you do not choose to set up a fully-fledged office and you use our address as the registered office of the company, you can send us instructions on any aspect of the company’s administration by fax or e-mail and we will carry out any necessary work. A number of our clients have never visited Cyprus and yet they are operating very profitable and efficient IBCs.

2.How is confidentiality ensured?

When a Cyprus International Business Company is registered in Cyprus, the company’s file at the Registrar of Companies (which contains details of the directors, shareholders, company secretary and registered office) is open to inspection by the public. IBC’s can avoid this by appointing nominee directors and shareholders i.e. persons to act on their behalf, in such a case it is the names of the nominees which will appear in the company’s file. The identity of the true owners will only be disclosed to the local Banks if the company chooses to maintain a bank account in Cyprus. Information regarding the identity of the true owners is not disclosed to any third party or government authority.

3.If nominees are appointed, how am I safeguarded?

If you choose to appoint nominee directors and shareholders (our fiduciary services can be used for this purpose), then for your protection you will be provided with the following documents:

  • An undated transfer of shares from the nominee shareholder to the true owner, which can be dated by you at any time and filed with the Registrar of Companies.
  • A declaration of trust which is signed by the nominee shareholder stating that he is holding the shares in a trustee capacity and that he has no legal rights on those shares
  • An undated letter of resignation from each nominee director and the company secretary. You are then able to put a date on this letter at any time and file the change at the Registrar of Companies, thus removing the nominee director and appointing another director of your choice.

4.Can I get a company or personal credit card?

You can get both a personal and company credit card, and also a debit card which is connected to your company or personal bank account.

5.What is share capital?

The share capital is the amount of capital, which the first shareholders will subscribe for, expressed in euros, and is stated in the company’s constitutional documents as part of the registration process. Normally IBC’s are registered with a share capital of € 1.000 in order to avoid extra stamp duties at the Registrar of Companies. The capital is deposited by the shareholders in the company’s bank account and can be utilized in the normal course of the company’s business.  

6.What is tax resident?

An International Business Company is tax resident in Cyprus if management and control is exercised in Cyprus. Management and control is defined as where the majority of the directors reside, where the board meetings take place and where the general policy of the company is formulated. It is therefore imperative to establish tax residency in Cyprus in order to be able to be taxed under the Cyprus Tax Law and to enjoy the Double Tax Treaties benefits. The appointment of local nominee directors is an excellent structure for achieving Cyprus tax residency.  

7.How much will it cost me for core and specialized services?

Global Consultants can provide you with a fee quote, which will be agreed in advance, for all the range of services you may need. Our fees, which are extremely competitive and reasonable, depend on the scope, the type, the complexity and the volume of professional work involved. 

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